Welcome to Columbia Casting

Welcome to the Columbia Casting Network!

The Columbia Casting Network allows Columbia MFA Film students to contact trusted, talented actors directly with opportunities for in-class and filmed work.

Our students are passionate storytellers from all over the world who genuinely love collaborating with actors. Columbia MFA films are distinguished by their artful attention to story and character and consistently play at top film festivals around the country and worldwide! Last year’s Sundance Film Festival featured 17 films by current and graduated students of the program. 

Our long-lasting and dedicated partnerships with actors start with in-class presentations in our Directing the Actor classes. Joining us in this intimate workshop setting, actors get the unparalleled opportunity to work on meaty, important roles as they connect directly with our amazing filmmakers and our world-class Directing the Actor faculty members, all exceptional directors in their own right.

Actors tell us that their in-class performances lead quickly to roles in our exceptional short films – so signup for in-class work today!

NEW ACTORS: If you’re in New York City and available to work with our up-and-coming directors, please join our community and make your information privately available to Columbia MFA Film students when they cast their projects! Click “Actor Sign Up” to fill out our initial Actor Profile form.

RETURNING ACTORS: Please use the left-hand panel to log in with your email and password.

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